Tradeshows / Exhibitions

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry, customer needs, and attention to detail. No matter how big or small your affair, you can count on WFB Services, to provide impeccable service and to help ensure a successful expo. We provide services to meet your needs including: exhibit floor plans, booth equipment, rental furnishings, electrical distribution, freight and material handling, labor, custom display rentals, booth manning and sign making capabilities. Our services address all aspects of the planning process and support you and your exhibitors needs for a successful event. We begin by completing initial site surveys, developing your timeline and designing the best floor plan to meet your needs.

Putting the plan into action for booth participations

We start by developing a trade show strategy for the entire year. Which shows should you attend? Which should you avoid? What kind of presence do you need at each? How can you make the most impact before, during and after the show?
Our seasoned trade show and event planning team works closely with you to create a customized booth space that meets your goals and budget. Collateral and giveaways are created. Social media and advertising plans are developed. Everything works together to present a professional, unified appearance – all with the goal of increasing booth traffic, gathering leads and ensuring the best ROI possible.


When your exhibitors participate in a show, they have very high expectations and goals. And we are aware that an exhibitor’s experience with the exposition contractor can have a direct impact on their overall impression of the show. We do everything to help your exhibitors leading up to the show and day-of, so that they can focus on generating a return on their investment. The WFB staff always goes above and beyond expectations to ensure that your exhibitors’ experience with WFB Services is exceptional. This means collaborating and communicating openly with them, and approaching our work strategically with their specific needs in mind.

Our Roles as event Manager

We take in control all trade show and exhibitor services directly. This ensures that we maintain our high standard of excellence. Our exhibition solutions for exhibitors include: Layout Design, Pricing and Marketing Stalls, Allocating Stalls, Onground Expo Advertisements and Promotions, Sponsorship Generation, Installation and dismantle labor, Trade show furnishings, Trade show graphics, Online ordering, Custom booth design and production, Rigging, Material handling, Shipping, Event management, Manpower, Travel and Transportation, And more!