Promotion / Activation Services

WFB promotion services create interest among potential buyers of a product or service for a department, for an entire organization, or on a project basis (account). We are a promotion agency that puts together advertising campaigns for clients, in media firms that sell advertising space or time, and in organizations that advertise heavily.
Have you ever noticed when you go to buy a popular brand’s product, do you ever stop to ask yourself, how did they become so trustworthy and admired?
When a product is first manufactured it is virtually unknown to the general public.
Through the uses of consumer engagement marketing channels, such as memorable ad campaigns, experiential events, viral growth, and consumer participation strategies, products manage to gain the acceptance of the consumer as being good & reliable.
The process of making a brand well known and loved by consumers is called brand activation.

We build positive Product Percetions

Consumer brand activations are a very crucial part of building a positive perception of a brand This can be done through product samplings, in-store retail marketing, sponsorships, and experiential events.
This also encompasses the brand figuring out a few core features that will distinguish them amongst their competition in crowded marketplaces. They have to find brand positioning that will uncover assets that will highlight long term benefits to the company.
Brands must find a way to reach potential customers that can shift perceptions and create a real emotional engagement. These marketing events must bring up positive feeling in the minds about them in order for them to become loyal customers and purchase their products.

Key Principles

To inspire demand for a particular brand, they must tap into the consumers’ passions using creative strategies and ideas.
Timing plays an important role in connecting consumers at the right time, and the right place so that the consumer becomes a motivated user and fan of the brand.
Using activation strategies, such as in person experience events, this can lead to the consumer starting to believe in the brand and what it stands for, which is a closer step in the path to purchase.

Our Roles as event Manager

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